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Everyone has an artist inside them. Art comes in many forms.
Enjoy the artwork of some of our Adrian Paul Fans!

Be sure and check out all the different types of Expression...
we recommned taking along a bib and a Thud Rug. **VBEG*

Drawing, Painting & more!
Collages, Manips & More!
(1280X800  Desktop)

Someone found this at Kahama's Lair. It's awesome!!
(if the artist would contact me, I'd be happy to put a link and credit)

(This, believe it or not is painted on a person's hands!
Not a member submission, but really cool!)

Be sure and visit our "Author...Author"
page dedicated to the talented writers in fandom.

All work is the property of the author and may not be copied in any form for personal or profitable use.
Visit the artists' sites for up close and larger images!

Visit Tracy's Dollhouse for more lots more Highlander and great pics!

Are you an artist and have a picture
of Adrian you'd like to see on our pages? Or are you a poet?
E-mail me!

**Disclaimer: Every attempt was made to obtain permission for use of pictures
and graphics. This site is intended as entertainment only. No offense is intended.
If you find that I have "pinched" a picture, graphics or sound file that violates any
laws of Copyright please notify me immediately and they will be removed.**
All artists agree that by submitting their artwork that they are allowing it to be part of the Adrian's Angels web site in perpetuity.
All artwork, photography, drawings, paintings, etc. have been generously provided by the indivudual artists.  The creator agrees that their work may be downloaded only for personal use. Each photograph is individually copyrighted by its creator.
No one has the right to copy these creations in any way in any medium without the owner's permission.
It is illegal for any unauthorized person or company to scan, copy, duplicate, manipulate, alter, etc. these works without the express permission of the creator.

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